Purification Program for the New Year
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Start 2010 with Renewed Vitality!

21 Day Purification Program

Are you feeling tired, sluggish, overweight and in need of a change of eating habits? A great way to start the New Year is to join the thousands of people across the country who have experienced renewed energy, weight loss, better sleep and reduction of many toxicity symptoms through the Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program.  This is not a fad diet or a dangerous cleanse.  It is an eating plan and whole food supplements designed to support your body's natural ability to detox and to feed your body for improved function. 

I have personally guided over 100 clients through this program during the last four years with many success stories.  This year we added a support tool that provides informative and encouraging e-mails on a daily basis.  This tool has been received with great enthusiasm.

On a practical note, our office will be closed the week after Christmas and New Years Day is on a Friday.  For those who want to get started right after New Years, please plan ahead and let us know now.

Contact our office at 214-415-0760 for more information.


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