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Summer Fun!
The sun and specifically, sunscreen, is a hot topic in the Naylor household!  To sunscreen or not to sunscreen? That is the question.  The dermatologist says to apply and reapply and they even sell sunsuits for the particularly sensitive!  The Cancer Prevention Coalition and the Environmental Working Group have some pretty compelling evidence that most sunscreens contain a potentially dangerous cocktail of toxins.  As a mom, I want to let my kids be kids and I want to be outside having fun as well.  Included are some ideas to balance the need for sun protection with the equally compelling need to reduce the toxic inputs to our bodies.  Have fun this summer!

Sunlight converts your natural cholesterol to vitamin D3.  You can store D3 during sunny periods and utilize it when there is little sun.  This is a great thing since we rarely get the D3 that we need from the foods we eat.  Synthetic supplements and fortified milk are vitamin D2 which is inferior and even toxic at high levels.  Vitamin D3 is found in fish, cod liver oil, animal fats, organ meats and eggs. 
If you do any research on Vitamin D3, your will find that it has a positive influence on cancer survival, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis and more.  I recommend that all of my clients get a Vitamin D3 blood test as a part of their regular check up and make adjustments as needed with whole food supplementation from Standard Process.
In terms of sun exposure, too much vitamin D3 without the balancing nutrients can lead to cramping and sunstroke.  I recommend vitamin F and calcium from Standard Process.  These absorbable forms of the whole food supplements  work to mitigate the negative effects of excessive sun exposure.

When it comes to sunscreen products, I would suggest less rather than more. The Environmental Working Group has done a great deal of research rating the effectiveness and safety of sunscreens.  The results are listed in the Sunscreen Review box.

In the spirit of less sunscreen, I recommend shade where possible, hats and sunshirts.  In addition, remember not to be afraid of the sun.  It is actually good for us in small doses and lack of sun contributes to many imbalances in our bodies.  A tan, achieved over a period of time is your body's natural protective mechanism.  Also, the whole food vitamin F and calcium lactate truly help during excessive periods of sun exposure.

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