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Nutritional Highlight: Echinacea Premium

Echinacea Premium is a combination of E. angustifolia and E. purpurea made from a the root of these two species and extracted in a high percentage of alcohol to provide a traditional Echinacea extract.  This produces a product high in alkylamides, the part of the herb that is the marker for both quality and immune modulating ability of product. 
Clinical research on this product has shown that it is highly absorbable and active.  It modulates (boosts a weak system and quiets an overactive system) the immune system and boosts the white cell count, especially NK (natural killer) cells.  Echinacea is great for prevention or the onset of illness.  You need 2 tablets/day for prevention and 6-8/day for several days at the onset of an illness. 
A note on comparing products...
Herbs in this country (or anywhere outside of Australia for that matter) are not effectively labeled for consumer protection.  The label should list the part of the plant, the Latin name, the extract ratio and the grams of product used.  In comparing the therapeutic level of Medi-Herb Echinacea Premium with ten brands off the shelf in the U.S., the best company required 2.1 tablets to equal 1 Medi-Herb.  From there there was a range of 9.3-82.0 tablets to equal 1 Medi-Herb!
This product is available in tablet and liquid form.  Contact our office for more information.
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Prevention of Seasonal Colds & Flu
Decreasing your exposure to the flu (avoiding people!) is one idea.  However, most of us cannot hibernate for the winter and so it makes sense to strengthen our immune system to protect us from whatever we may be encounter.  Here are some simple, yet effective steps you can take to keep your immune system healthy and therefore greatly reducing your risks:
  1. Sleep (7-9 hours/night)  There is a reason why it is dark longer in the winter!
  2. Eat power foods... BEANS & GREENS!  Dried beans contain a great deal of fiber and omega-3's as well as calcium, iron and protein.  Dark greens and any of the root vegetables are full of immune boosting nutrients.
  3. Soup Stock is a powerful tool for increasing necessary mineral nutrients, improving digestibility of foods and calming the gastric-intestinal tract.  Sally Gallons' book, Nourishing Traditions, had information on the why's and how's of preparing and using this power food.
  4. Cod Liver Oil is a great for a variety of reasons, but the Vitamin A and D are immune boosters that are particularly useful in the winter.  I recommend Nordic Naturals that comes in liquid (flavored) or capsules.  Available at my office or at a health food store.
  5. Avoid junk food - Sugar & refined carbs (bread, candy,cereal, pasta) are anti-nutrients and they have been proven to impair immune function for up to 6 hours after eating them.
  6. Water... drink at least half your body weight in ounces of spring water every day.  Bottled water from soda manufacturers or private label "filtered" brands are usually just expensive tap water.  I use Ozarka or Rain Fresh or mineral waters such as Gerolsteiner.
  7. Keep nasal mucous membranes moist with humidifiers, saline sprays or nutritional support of mucous production.
  8. Air purifiers that clean the air and kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces prevent the spread of germs.  Call our office for more information.
  9. Keep moving!  Regular, moderate exercise is of great benefit for body and mind.
Have a healthy holiday season!
Nutritional Solutions
Improving the overall energy and function of your body will also improve your chances for staying healthy.  Over time, you might even stop worrying about the flu and just think about what you are going to accomplish with your amazing new energy and level of health!
There are many ways to go about this process.  Each person needs to find their own process that fits their lifestyle and budget.  I do believe that nutritional supplementation with whole food supplements play an important role.
Echinacea Premium is highlighted in the article to the left.  Simply taking 2/day would do a great deal to support your immune system.  There is a great deal of laboratory and clinical (in practice with patients) research that proves the effectiveness of this time proven product.
The 21-day Purification Program improves your body's own natural ability to detox, not only during the program but for the future.  That alone can improve your immune response.  Combined with the good eating habits, removal of toxic and allergenic foods and the weight loss typically seen, this is a very effective program.
My personal favorite is nutritional balancing utilizing Hair Mineral Analysis.  This test can pinpoint many underlying problems and give guidance as to how to supplement in order to improve overall energy and function.  This is particularly helpful for people with health issues who have not been able to find a solution anywhere else.  It is also great for those who want to avoid health problems.  Together with your personal health history, we put develop a nutritional protocol that is customized for your needs.
All material in this publication is provided for information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction.  No action should be taken solely on the basis of this publication; instead, readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well being.  The information and opinions provided by this publication are believed to be accurate, tested and sound based on the judgement available to the authors.  But readers who fail to consult with appropriate health professionals assume the risk of any injuries.
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