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December, 2008  *  Holiday Stress  *  12.08.1
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The Problem of Tension

Our body is designed to handle stress (a crisis) in an appropriate way and then return to normal.   Chronic tension has a number of negative effects on the body that are not simply the result of getting older!

Energy Depletion:  Ongoing stress causes exponentially increasing fatigue.

Increased Chance of Illness

Pre-mature Aging

Reduced Mental Capacity

Limits Problem Solving Skills

Inhibits Creativity

Negative Effect on Relationships

This is taken from a wonderfully clear book with great relaxation techniques and an audio CD.  

Total Relaxation by John Harvey, PhD

Nutrition and Holiday Stress
Stress is a stressful topic!  We all hear it is bad for us and we may or may not believe it, but what do we do about it?  This article could truly be written at any time of the year.  However, the Holidays have a special way of adding expectations, renewing painful feelings and generally exhausting us.
I just deleted the ninety-ninth holiday stress message from my in-box and almost changed the topic of this newsletter!  I reconsidered when I realized that what I have to offer is a holistic health and nutritional explanation and solution to stress.  In other words, nutritional deficiencies and toxicity can cause or can be the result of chronic stress or what might appear as a form of anxiety disorder or depression.
In this newsletter I will describe the physical and emotional problems that can be caused by stress and some nutritional measures and solutions to stress.  I cannot ignore a few other key points under solutions in a quick format.  Please do not assume that I am being flippant in listing these very important lifestyle changes in list format.  I am just acknowledging that along with short term and longer term nutritional changes, work in these areas is critical for true healing. 
Have a joyful and peaceful holiday season!
Nutritional Solutions
When working with a nutritional client, we look at the short term and the long term.  Together, we seek to uncover the source of the problems by taking a thorough health history and utilizing Hair Mineral Analysis to determine deficiencies and toxicity.  The goal is not assign a list of lifelong supplements, but to work through the natural healing process by feeding your body what it needs so that the underlying cause goes away. 
Most people are concerned initially with the short term solution.  "Help me handle my stress or anxiety NOW!"  I recommend mineral supplements and an herbal nerve tonic that are very effective and without negative side effects.  In fact, they both feed the body over time. 
Secondly, we look at the Hair Mineral Analysis to determine the longer term nutritional course of action.  It is amazing how much you can learn at a very early stage utilizing this test.  We seek to restore the organs and glands by feeding whole food nutritional supplements and balancing mineral patterns.   
Finally, over the course of the eight to twelve months that we work together, we cover much in terms of customized nutritional and holistic health education.  We focus on what got you to this stressed place and how to avoid this for the future.  We are already working on nutrition, but we also look at your personal environment issues of toxic input and social, emotional and spiritual sources of stress.  Often, we make recommendations involving other professionals or self help resources in these important areas of the healing process.  
All material in this publication is provided for information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction.  No action should be taken solely on the basis of this publication; instead, readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well being.  The information and opinions provided by this publication are believed to be accurate, tested and sound based on the judgement available to the authors.  But readers who fail to consult with appropriate health professionals assume the risk of any injuries.
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